Peak time running in different ways
life says to run with it 
and time says u can't catch me 
desire says u have to achieve me 
don't know in which way i can reach it
what to do 
where to go 
how to decide . . . ?

Sleep and Dream...

What if u r sleeping 
in ur dreams 
that come in ur sleep

just think of it . . . !

Someone i know....

It is a class of huge crowd 
sitting together and 
seriously listening to lectures.

where i can notice 
few pals regularly among that crowd
and feel that they are 
some where related to me or to my friends

A girl among them 
attracts everyone with her cute little smile
making fun all around.

At a corner of my heart i felt 
she might be someone whom i know 
may be directly or indirectly .

days passed....
classes are about to finish a month 

On a cool night 
returning from my class
got a chance to talk to her.

It might be a casual talk we had 
but we both were left in excitement
and still i was in the same feeling
and hope the same with her there.

The reason is we both actually know each other
indirectly in many ways
because she and i have common friends
ha ha ha...!!!

she resides nearby to my place 
Chairman's of our colleges are relatives 

 She is from my sister's college 
and she knows my sister very well 
and she likes her too.

One more way that we may be related is
my best friend's sister and cousine are her classmates 
( she is my junior  )

i know even u are surprised to know this 

We went on with a talk excited
we exchanged our numbers

But only sad thing is 
we passed 4 months without knowing each other
and we met when we are about to finish our course...

 where ever we are 
we can never forget this day of cool talk
filled with suprise

hope that we both will have
a brightful friendship....

nice meeting u dear 

dedicated to my new friend...:)

Not Without My Daughter...Betty Mahmoody...!

Not Without My Daughter

This is my first book which i read ...

The true story of an American woman -Betty Mahmoody who struggles for her child and win freedom for them.

It is a story about an young lady who goes to Iran with her husband(Dr.Sayyed Bozorg Mahmoody) and daughter(Mahtob-four year old) to meet her hubby's family. they starts to Iran on August 3, 1984.

Iran is a place where there is hatred towards American's and a place where woman are suppressed with rules and regulations on their dressing etc.

Betty soon gets desperate to return to her home place,America. But her husband and his family who had some other plans  house arrests Betty and her daughter.

Betty tries for an escape from Iran with her daughter to meet her parents and children(two sons) at Michigan. She goes in search of all the ways through which she can escape the prison- Iran.

Betty faces horrible situations where she and her daughter were separated from each other. Betty struggles with consequences she faced whenever she tries for an escape with her loving daughter.

And the days changed to months and then months to years , but still they were prisoners of this alien culture.
Finally after a span of two years that is on February 7,1986 Betty returns to her place with her loving daughter Mahtob.

Literally speaking, this is the book which made me roll out with tears while reading it. loved it a lot. each and every moment of Betty's life is filled with love on her daughter. Being a mom she gave the complete devotion to her daughter.

Love u Betty
U r a true mother
Take care of ur Daughter

Hats off all Mom's who take care of their children through out their life 

My society with out solution....

i wonder how people live in this society
i feel like pointing at everyone who is the reason for the cause of a bad thing

but its the same society making me remain calm
its not the age i have
nor the fame i have
which is stopping me to point them
people will start hating the person who tries to correct them or bring changes

now I'll give u all an example at my place:

>>it is just a place of 100 yards
present right at the center of all residential buildings.

>> there is one family who dump
all kinds of wastes into that open land.
papers or degradable stuff are tolerable to some extent
but what makes people living in the surrounding bother is
they throw plastic covers, beer bottles,wet garbage...

>>for the wet garbage rats dug holes there...
and damaging underground drainage system

>>generally the plots which are lower than the road's height
withstand with water in this rainy season
thus gives raise of main problem
where these mosquitoes breed..
the maggots,beetles reside there
the bad odor emitting from that place is intolerable...

>>i astonish that no one till date pointed at that family regarding this
loll how will they?
when the people responsible for this in return come out with abusing words

>>it seems that they in turn support themselves
that:::: "i did not throw this in your place ,then why is the pain for you?"

>>everyone in that lane are suffering for it
but no one come forward to tell them
it is all because of the rude behavior of those people

>>i being citizen cud not find any solution to this
but y shud i stay watching at people who all are undergoing various diseases
i cant

>>but hope some or the other day
there will be a solution for it

>>suggest any solution
thank u
yours chinni meduri

My friend ...!!!

It is very strange that i never hugged you
and looked into your eyes
not even a slight touch my dear ....

im sure that you touched my soul heart 
well satisfied with your being nature 
and could get u to my heart ....

i may not see u daily 
talk to u daily 
but think of u all the time 

u made me still live in dreams though the sun came up
where i still guess how you are featured
and day we meet ....

neither you nor i are not sure 
that we meet 
and have a great time together
but  we still continue our friendship by heart ...

love u my friend 
dedicated to u my online friends

Queen in my Palace...

i know im the queen in my palace 
with a crown made of diamonds
my palace is my world 

its the place where true luv has its contact address
i can see only the one i love all around 
its the palace of my heart

the rule i pass is followed
i don't have any kind of oposition 
because im the only queen

rest all world seems to be pricking 
when i come out of my palace 
but i love my palace of heart 
its the luving world of my life

why did i walk all alone???

Once I was walking all alone
Thinking of someone in my world

I know it’s the pain in my heart
Made me walk all alone …

But I was still walking
I don’t know what for I was walking

And suddenly a drop of tear rolled out
The tear resembles the true pain I faced

There was no one around me to wipe out the tears
And just say a simple word that “I’m here for U “

At last I can accept that there is someone else
 Unknown and unseen

Who can understand my pain?
And wipe the tear rolled out 

It’s the rain all over me
Made my tears wiped out

Slowly heart started realising
its the pain just for a second

And I was astonished that
I can feel a smile on my face

And now I’m happy
There someone caring for me 

new born

new born thoughts of my life
trying to put on my blogger book
with the ink of pen that comes from your  best wishes
making my words as pure as they are...