Am Loving It. . .

I love the way I live my life

dreaming of my dear ones
wishing for my dreams to come true
hoping for best in everything
expecting fun all around
experiencing all kinds of taste in life
helping everyone if i get a notice that they are in need
smiling through out the day to make you feel happy
thinking of all my best buddies in my heart
avoiding frustration and people who are responsible for that
apologizing for my mistakes
working for my career
eating for my health
loving my parents
caring for my buddies
and finally sleeping to dream again.

and what not. . . doing everything to enjoy my only one life to the most extent

Finally loving the way am living it
:) :) :) chinni meduri :) :) :)

Try to be true...

when we are in need
we first approach our friends for help

we trust our friends
they stand on our side to help us

at times, they understand the problem
though we don't say them

they will try to solve the problem
with their special interest

this is because they
[love, care, trust,respect] you

as a friend even we must be true from our side

we must feel their love and care
make their trust live for ever
give the same respect they give you

they key point to note is

never use a friend only for help
may be friends are there for help in any time and in any case
but mind not to use them

helping is a part of friendship
but only helping is not friendship

so try to be true from your side in the relation of friendship
then you can maintain better relations with your mates

think of the law in physics
this reflects here in friendship too.

Chinni Meduri

Oh My Friend...!!!

Oh my friend...
greet you with my warm morning wishes
(will get a bucket full of water to wake you up)
Oh my friend...

O my friend...
fresh buddies on the table
sharing breakfast
(will put my share into ur's )
-- huffff u know as i skip mine daily
Oh my friend...

Oh my friend...
serious at work waiting for your text
in which you ask wazz up?
(will be waiting for your text though u r next to me )
Oh my friend...

Oh my friend...
taking care of your loving things
(will hide them from you - let me see u searching)
Oh my friend...

Oh my friend...
fighting with you for fun
(will give no chance for others to fight)
Oh my friend...

Oh my friend...
making fun all around
(others feel jealous seeing u and me)
Oh my friend...

Oh my friend...
on your side in your ups and downs
(will lift you up and down when u r in down and up respectively)
Oh my friend...

Oh my friend...
i'll take leave when you are sick
(you alone can not be sick when we do things together)
Oh my friend..

Oh my friend...
shout at you in frustration
(i know you will understand me)
Oh my friend...

Oh my friend...
scold you when you do mistake
(for doing it without me)
Oh my friend...

Oh my friend...
you are my friend
leaving all hopes on life
Oh my friend...

Oh my friend...
we watch TOM and JERRY
and treat them as best friends
(feel that we are watching a movie in which u and i are actor)
Oh my friend.....

Oh my friend...
i want/need you in my life
Oh my friend....

Love you my friend

ur's friend

Action and Reaction

the way people treat you depends on the way you treat them.

treat everyone you meet as your friend and then you can be a good friend of everyone.

before expecting something from someone
try to give the same to others
because they might be expecting it
so that even you can get the same from them....

Keep loving. . . !!!

Spending time with smile :)

hey buddies i want to write something about my life now,
may be it is a bit boring but still you can find it different.

life is being different from day to day.
I wake in the morning at 7:00 a.m
seems to be early in MSIT

I open my eyes looking at my phone Montee Meduri which is my sweetest buddy
clock says that i can sleep for 10 more minutes.
But unfortunately i open my eyes and see that clock has run faster than i expected in sleep.
it's 7:45 a.m

i don't know how this time runs faster and faster everyday without getting tired.

hufffff anyways now its time to go to my lab --- clock creeps 9:00 a.m
oopse with out break fast :( for which someone scolds me regularly
On time to lab. . . Sincere in work (yet times i may not be ;) :P )

(Morning session starts)
Day starts in lab. .logging in. . . signing in attendance sheet
most lovely thing than everything saying HI to all my buddies
wish that i can see those smiles on every face daily
and staring at my lovely dude Vostro Meduri (my lappy)

it takes time to be back to work
sincere at work . . asking everyone for help
clarifying doubts. . making fun. . . Peeping whether Mentor is coming or not . .
having naps in between. .
Tension to submit the modules on time. . .

lunch in the mess
a round table conference starts.
talking to the same buddies as if we were apart since long time
making fun. . .
clock feels jealous seeing the smiles on every face and tries to run faster without getting tired.

and am back to lab for my Afternoon session at 2:00 PM
same as morning session starts with all hi and smileys
i can see most of them sleeping .

day passes soon when i am engaged with these modules
soon it turns darker. . . small snacks at cafeteria. . .

and now the evening session with soft skills at 6:30 PM
i don't know what i am learning in soft skills
but the sessions are passing by writing assignments and listing assignments.
(horrible that to find words during this session to write them but we still land on C grade)
dying to pass the soft skills

clock creeps to 8 :00 PM
i pack my bag with a great feeling that one day passed in life with a good/bad impact but still smile glows on face because there are someone in the corner of the lab who concerns for me and cares for me . . . of course they are the only hope which is making me still live in MSIT under pressure and loneliness(oh sorry no loneliness because i know i have everyone on my side).

Dinner with same buddies in the round table and mom dishes runs in my mind
mom can make lovely tasty food and which is no where comparable with mess food.
but still i eat the food with no complaints because someone cooked it for me taking pain on their back.

Back to room opening the door every night i feel to be back home soon
missing mom dad sister and every moment with them.
waiting for weekend to go home
waiting to play with mom - my best friend
waiting to talk to dad - my best guide in life
waiting to talk to my ever best partner in heart yamini
waiting to spend some time the kid Jashu

But it is astonishing that i miss MSIT when i am at home
may be i am having good time here
loving all the feelings here

everyday leaves an impact and an impression of happiness but it takes time to realize it.

happy days going on.

Cheers Chinni
Enjoy ur life

(sorry for long post this time)