Dream. . . ! ! !

Dream that makes me live in heaven
Makes me the angel for life time

i close my eyes every night
thinking of the one who make me smile
and ask me to smile always

Dream is the only world
which makes you live in your own way

Every dream i get made me the angel in my life
with all my buddies around me
making joy all the time

i am the sweetest one
making everyone sweeter with my love

i can feel the concern and love of everyone
which adds up energy to my life
makes me more stronger

i can see only ups but no downs in my dream
but the one and only one drawback i see in my dream is...
it is temporary

even my dream has timer
which runs faster than
i hope that at least once it stares at me in my dream
rather than running faster

first and last disappointment in my every dream
which makes me open my eyes and say for myself that. . .
"Chinni it is just a dream and it always remains as a dream"

Dream is always a Dream and never a Dream will come true