Relation that lasts forever

Some how i tasted the feeling of having a brother

For me he is the only one who:
  • cares for me as i am the little lovely sister
  • loves me as the way i am
  • fights with me just to give me strength
  • plays with me to make fun time around me
  • taps my shoulder to encourage
  • wipes off my tears 
  •  laughs for the sweet little stories/jokes i make
and what not...!!! He is everything for me and I will treat him next to my parents.

*** I still remember the day i asked my MOM that WHY I DIDN'T HAVE A BROTHER LIKE EVERYONE ELSE HAD? for which she did not have any answer.
I felt that i missed the sweetest relation. But there is person whom i treat as my real role model who is ideally my brother :)

Happy Raksha Bandhan Annayya
I dedicate this post to you Dear...
Miss you on this special ocassion.