Life with All...!!!

When there is Mr.Lazy suspecting a danger, there will always be Mr.Optimist to ensure that Life always have happiness coming on its own way.

There is always Mr. Kidoo who would never want Mr.Optimist to be wrong. Hence Mr.Crazy is busy wandering out to lead happiness to their way.

There will also be Mr. Fear who hides with a fear that happiness might knock the door in the form of devil. Though living with the above Mr. Frustrated looks like a busy one with too much work load.

Miss Candy is a sweet treat that you can have anytime which makes you taste the essence of life and Miss Flower blossoms with a fragrance of Happiness and love residing all in our SMILE.

With all these people, Miss ****** is blessed to live a wonderful life. :)

Note: All Mr and Miss above listed are people in my life quoted with names which they deserve for their nature. The *'s in the end is myself for which U can take the chance to fill them.