happy birthday junior

This is the day that

A rising star like u

Came on to the earth

With a chweeet cry

To lead a smiling life…!!!

Each and every birthday wish

Would make your dreams come true.

This would make u

The happiest person in this vast world…!!!

As today is your birthday

I make a cake

Mixed and stirred with love, affection...!!!

Its time for us to make wish for u my dear chweeet junior GAUTAM....






I dedicate this post to you on your special day

Enjoy your gift

Hope u liked it

Once again many more happy returns if this day my dear sweet junior

I and U

When i need u
u will always be there

When i was being hurt
u will come and erase the pain that i have

when i want to talk something
u were here to hear everything patiently

when i was in the dark
u were here as a light in my life

when no one responses to me
i found only u standing front of me

i know what u are for me
and i hope that
u too know that by the love i show

i don't wanna know what am i for u
but i need the same love u show on me till i die

i love u my dear


a miracle happened in my life i.e, friendship
it has started right from my heart

but I'm sure that i don't know how it happened
or when it has started

since then there was a vast change in my life
few of those changes are

1) i would have a smile on my face all the time to cheer up my friend

2) i would try to spend all of my time with my friend

3) i would eagerly wait for the time to share a secret with

4) i would think of my friend every time even then when im too busy at work

5) i would make my friend feel as rich as i , doesn't matter whether it is money , happiness or something else.

6) i would like to give the joy my friend gives me

7)i would like to be myself the help which my friend is in the need

8) i would walk slowly so that u can reach me

8) many as such..........

its all the miracle which brought such a big change in my life

the only ONE

A Best Friend!

the one who really cares for U.....

the one with whom U can share all ur secrets....

the one who consoles U when u cry with sorrowfulness...

the one who calls u day by day when U were far away.....

the one who laughs with U on a very simple thing....

the one who cries for U when you were in a trouble....

the one who spends is valuable time with U when u feel bored....

the one who thinks of U when he is in the last moment of his life....

don't waste time reading my lines
and now it is ur time to choose your ONE

miss u


what to say u in this post .
should i say u about my tears
should i say u about my sorrowfulness.

i thought that as a friend u can understand me in any situation what ever i speak with u.
but.... things went wrong, i hurt u with my words.

i have shared everything with u .
i thought that u know everything about me
and u can understand about those words i spoke with u.

it all happened in a fraction of second.
but it's taking lots of time for me to come out of those embarrassing moments.

friends don't get tensed
I'm OK.
nothing went wrong with
all these words are from my heart to my friend when i hurt my friend.

i miss u my dear friend.
hope that all my good days will be back with u.

have FUN dear