happy birthday devs

happy birthday devs


many more happy returns of this day my dear best best best friend devs

hope u enjoy this day with lots of fun

here is a message for u devs....

devs u r the only one who really understood me as a good friend.

"met u as a stranger
took u as a friend
hope our friendship never breaks".

long live to our friendship

"treat every one u you meet as u want to me treated".

nenu ninnu oka manchi friend ga treat chesa
nuvvu nannu kooda alane treat chesthav ani
kaani .....thanku devs
nuvvu nannu oka manchi friend kanna yekkuva ga treat chesthunnav.

"good friends are rare
keep them with care".

u r one among the good friends
so I'll never miss u

"hold ur true friend with ur two hands"

ayyo devs I'm not able to catch u with my hands
he he he he he
i may bind u here with my friendship

friends are like balloons
once u let them go
you can never bring them back
that's why I'll tie you tight in my heart with a thread called friend"

"millions of greetings thousands of colors
hundreds of wishes
kg's of sweets
lot's of smiles
that's what i dream to give u every day"

happy birthday

friendship doesn't happen with special people
people become special after becoming friends

you r very special

and at last
many more happy returns of this day my dear sweet friend
miss u devs

and ohhhhh friend.......

"remember me ever
forget me never
this is my prayer"


inka manchi gift esthunna devs
this post in my blog is dedicated u my dear

enjoy ur gift

happy birthday to u
happy happy birthday to you
may long life to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday to devs

kastapadi birthday song gurthu thechukunna
edhi correct o kaadho naku theliyadhu
adjust chesuko
birthday song school days lo padevallami
andhuke gurthu ledhu
yemi anukoku

enjoy ur day

happy birthday

take care devs
have a gr8 day


and ur's sweet pavs

love to have a brother


hmm raksha bandhan .......
happy raksha bandhan

we people are aware of many relations in this beautiful life .
each and every relation has its own importance with the love we share.

mother loves us for our well wish
father cares for our bright future
sister loves us next to mother
and now comes the lovely relation "brother"
next to father he cares us, loves us, fights with us,treats us as his friend........

i may not have a brother of my own
but i treat my elder cousin to be my own
i love him allot
he cares for me, not only me but also for the sisters he had.

i have 4 brothers who all r my cousins
each and every brother cares for their sisters
in this world of relations
i found that the relation between a sister and a brother is lovely
its like a relation between frnds or parents and children or anyone else

i celebrate this rakhi pournami with my elder brother every year .
he might be busy with his all works
but he spends his time with us on this day only for our happiness.

i don't know about others but i treat my brother to be my best friend.
i share most of the things with him
i try to spend my tim ewith him
he gives me suggestions in studies.

miss u tooooooooooo.

yours sweet sister
pavani meduri