TEACHERS are my parents at school

As a teacher u took lots of pain to teach me the world

U stood in-front me in every moment showing me the way which i should proceed in

U were the one who helped me through out my life with out asking

The knowledge u shared with me taught me how to lead my life

U stood as inspiration to my career

I'm grateful to all ur support towards me for my success

I can not just say u a THANKS and end up our relation

Bcoz u r such special in my life

Remembering U on this special occasion of teachers i wish u

happy teacher's day

a good teacher teaches

a better teacher explains

a best teacher admires

I dedicate this to each and every one who taught me right from my nursery
also to every one in our family who is working as a teacher and inspired me from my childhood for opting teaching field as my career

I wish i should also be a teacher like u all
a teacher will always have a good fame in one's heart