In search of Love with Life

(***Wanted to write a post on blog since days but wasn't able to do it because i didn't find any theme to write on like my last written Telugu Love poem. So started thinking about things which i wanted to express to myself, then i started writing the lines below.***)

Its just not that I am Missing friends after college. Life to me was with loving parents, caring sister, adorable friends(Mahesh Mithun Naresh KC Nishu Jaya Gautam Appa Pizza movies Dairy Milk Silk Mr. Bunny Mr.G Mr.Facebook and the most favorite 12+ hours sleep).

I rise my voice to say "Its the Love with life am missing".

I wonder how am i being able to digest the fact that am sustaining without updating my status on Facebook at least once in a day...!!!

Sometimes i question myself where are those people in my friend's List who were fed up with my Facebook updates in the past and now there is not even a ping to me asking for my least updated profile these days.

I felt "Meh" when i missed the updates of a upcoming movie of my favorite actor. How sad that I missed the news that songs were also out in the market.

I feel annoyed for myself to look at my room which is left to its way since months and i astonish how am i still living with my dreams in it.

For those everyone who know me for my endless sleep, here i say you how my weekends are with my sleep. To me a holiday is a tight and sound sleep for 12 to 15 hours with a yummy dish for my tummy full. But i tell you, now my weekend is a two day holiday with insufficient sleep and uncertain food.

In fact the changes in life made me undergo the pain when people say "Its the money flowing in for me and what to worry for when my bank balance is increasing". And then I felt pity for myself for not being able to tell them "What is money in life when you don't have love to life".

It's a big "?" now what i am living for making days unpleasant with the sick feeling that "Life turned UPSIDE DOWN in one single step".

Here comes writer of the Life in the hope of "answer" for making time for myself. Cheers....!!!!!

నా తొలి కావ్యం...!!!

నీ పరిచయం కోసం పరితపిస్తున
నాలో అలజడిని నింపే  జ్ఞాపకాల కోసం

నా ప్రేమ అక్షరం అయితే
రాస్తాను ఓ ప్రేమ లేఖ

ప్రతి స్వప్నం నీ కలియిక కోసం
ఆకాశం లో తారల మధ్య ఊపిరి పోసుకున్న వేళ 

రాగమై నను పలుకరించే నీ పిలుపు 
అతి కమనీయం నీ సుస్వరం

వేచి ఉన్నా నీ పరిచయం కోసం 
నా చేయి పట్టి నీ ప్రపంచం చుపుతావ్ అని 

నా కష్టంలో  నుఖమై నువ్వు ఉంటావ్ అని
వేచి చూస్తునా నీ ప్రోత్సాహం కోసం

నా ఆనందం నువ్వే అని గర్వించి 
బాధను తరిమి కొట్టే బలం ఇస్తావ్ అని

ప్రాణమంత కరీదు చేసే నీ ప్రేమ కోసం
ఇది నా తొలి కావ్యం ...!!!

Prathi bandham sneham tho aarambham

క్షణం ఒక జ్ఞాపకం ఐతే
అది మరువలేని అనుబూతి 
గడిచిన కాలం విలువ ఆ జ్ఞాపకం అంత కరీదు

వేల  కట్టలేని బంధం నువ్వైతే
స్నేహం అనే పేరుతో సంకెళ్ళు వేశావ్
క్షణం నిన్ను వీడలేను అనే మాయలో
ఆనందంతో ఉప్పెనై ఎగిసిన అల నేను

వికసించే చిరునవ్వుతో పలకరించే స్నేహం
 చేరువలో నీ ఉనికిని పసికట్టే మాయాజాలం 

నేస్తమా ఇది తొలి పరువం 
నీ జతలో మనది మధురమైన జీవితం 
క్షనానికొ ఆనందం
జీవించు .... అనుభవించు .... ఆనందించు 

Reason behind the Moments we Spend

Life is not the same for everyone
It is all you who can mold it as you wish
 Either its happiness or pain, which you prioritize

The moments we spend might be the same for all
but the impression they leave on individuals makes difference
If you are not happy with what you did 
never suggest others that its a worst thing to do. 
Bcoz it might be their pleasure for some reason.
Let the life be hopeful with colors
making the minutes valuable with memories.
Cheers :)
***Decided to be Happy***

swathanthramaa.. banisathvama....

asala manam swathantram endhuku thechukunam
ah thellollu manalni dhochukuntunaru ane kadha
kani ipudu mathram e rajakeeya nethalu chesthundhi enti
veela nundi manaki swathanthram odha....

nijaniki swathanthram rakunda 
manam ah thellolla paalana lo ne undi unte 
kaneesam koncham ayina bagupade valam emo...

manam dveshiche ah thellollu 
samakurchina parikaraalu manam ipatiki upayoginchukuntunam
ante vaari vala manam abhivrudhi chendham ane ga...

dhesam kosam manam em chesam
 swathanthram thechukunam ane pogaru tho virraveeguthunam
anthe kani 
manam mana dheshani inka venakabade la chesam ani evaru artham chesukuntunaru... 

adigevadu ledu kadha ani hadhulu meeruthunam
okati ga undi poradalsina manam 
nedu dabbu musukulo kottukuntunam

banisathva sankellu poyayi ani 
pani cheyadam manesam
marokani pathnani korukuntu kastaniki viluva marchipoyam
indhukena swathanthram thechukundhi
dochukune vishayam lo 
ah thellolaki manaki emathram theda lekundapoyindhi...

meluko bharatheeyuda meluko.. 
pranam posina bharatha mathanu kapaduko
desham kosam porade nijam ayina veerulu ma synikulara meeku vandham....
Jai Jawan

*** the above written content is purely my personal opinion today intended for specific people.

Friends Being Apart with Memories

i shared good and bad with you
Made memories that gave hope for joy
 cloud9 was not enough to describe

career made us be apart
memories made me wait for you
its been two years by now and i still miss you

Now... Its hard to digest that i should be waiting forever and ever
Living with a hope that I will find someone else in life
who can make me forget you...!!!

Alone on the road

Walking alone on the road
Playing music on high volume
Humming the song with confidence that no one else is around me on the sunny midday
Play Time with Cute Friends - riding a bicycle lovely young girl with listening happy music and school bag on street of pretty park background with beautiful morning sky at sunrise - stock vector

Guess What...!!! 
Felt so embarrassed when someone passing by was staring at me for the dry sounds i mad.

But this moment left smiles for few seconds...ha ha ha

Wake UP Mr.... !!!

Some times I feel why real world

When people like you Sleep always

Dream world would be the real world then

It would be a breakdown to see you active

Never felt boring to be with your laziness

It was funny irritating you all the time

I like the way you look at me when you loose your patience

Not sure whether you understand why I irritate

But never uttered a word at me for doing that

We fight, we behave like we don't know each other

But we know that we can't stay without being together

I never spent too much time with you

But I found the best company ever

Feel like sharing too much with you

You never heard my pain but made me smile in a moment

You turn out to be moody sometimes

Wanted to be your friend who can share your sorrow

You never and ever gave me a chance to do

And Finally.... Flat for simple smile you have

Ur's Loving Friend
:) :) :)

Happy Birthday Mr. Reckless...!!!

:) Happy :) Happy :) Birthday :) to :) my :) chweet :) chweet :) friend :)

Life with you is worth living
Moment with you is fun loving
Memories with you are made of SMILE

To me, You are a perfect friend
Someone who will be there till the end
You would be the synonym for FRIEND

Time was tough to spend, u were cheering up
U smiled to remind me that we can still be happy
Proved that there is no reason for CELEBRATION

No chance of fear when u r here
Got the treasure of life being with you
Relation between u and me is PRICELESS

Never felt that sharing would be so special until I met you
Made me kid back to have a funny fight with you
U brought signs of happiness with charming STARS

With you I found rythm of music
Together we made wonders in the world of art
Making life a harmony of EMOTIONS

On the special day of your's
I want to make you live in the world which words can't describe
That big beautiful smile on you is LOVELY

Happy birthday Darling...!!!

  In this cute friendship with you
I realized that
It took 22years to find a friend like you...!!!

Life with All...!!!

When there is Mr.Lazy suspecting a danger, there will always be Mr.Optimist to ensure that Life always have happiness coming on its own way.

There is always Mr. Kidoo who would never want Mr.Optimist to be wrong. Hence Mr.Crazy is busy wandering out to lead happiness to their way.

There will also be Mr. Fear who hides with a fear that happiness might knock the door in the form of devil. Though living with the above Mr. Frustrated looks like a busy one with too much work load.

Miss Candy is a sweet treat that you can have anytime which makes you taste the essence of life and Miss Flower blossoms with a fragrance of Happiness and love residing all in our SMILE.

With all these people, Miss ****** is blessed to live a wonderful life. :)

Note: All Mr and Miss above listed are people in my life quoted with names which they deserve for their nature. The *'s in the end is myself for which U can take the chance to fill them.


You are made of 7 beats
wonders made with those combinations

You are everywhere
playing a harmonic feelings

You make me create my world
which is unique and lovely

You make me live my dreams
showing me the taste of life

You have a lyric within 
relates to the memories I have

You make me tap the ground
sometime to dance even

You have a tune
makes my sing louder than you

You take me through everyone
thinking of my best all time

You are playing in the background
making the work on the foreground very interesting

All this you do just because You are MUSIC

Everything which is new...

Ask me why it is new
i'll tell you that
it is new bcoz of my new writing

Ask me why it is new
I'll tell you that 
It is new bcoz i am writing all about only ME

Ask me why it is new
I'll tell you that 
It is new bcoz am Feeling good to share my words

Ask me why it is new
I'll tell you that 
It is new bcoz it is keeping me busy

"Make things look New with your new Ideas"