Wake UP Mr.... !!!

Some times I feel why real world

When people like you Sleep always

Dream world would be the real world then

It would be a breakdown to see you active

Never felt boring to be with your laziness

It was funny irritating you all the time

I like the way you look at me when you loose your patience

Not sure whether you understand why I irritate

But never uttered a word at me for doing that

We fight, we behave like we don't know each other

But we know that we can't stay without being together

I never spent too much time with you

But I found the best company ever

Feel like sharing too much with you

You never heard my pain but made me smile in a moment

You turn out to be moody sometimes

Wanted to be your friend who can share your sorrow

You never and ever gave me a chance to do

And Finally.... Flat for simple smile you have

Ur's Loving Friend
:) :) :)

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