Its Winter Love

Winter... Winter... Winter...!!!
Its Winter Time with the Cold breeze
Warm blanket made us freeze on bed beneath it.

Already chilled by the time we realize
There is Lot more to do for the day 
But the warmness still makes us feel Lazy.

The drops of Fog fall on the leaves
Turning Nature to look rich 
With the glittering pearls on the grass.

The Foggy weather outside
Rare trace of Sun rays
Makes us peep for Warmth.

Everyday seems to be the coldest day for the year
The breeze is chilled to poke you to shiver
We realize the sensitivity we have to resist cold.

The slow Music on the player
Brings on the Energy to tap the ground
Shakes the fire of Magic in Life.

All that the winter is Perfect with
A cup of Coffee - everyone's favorite
Spicy and Hot delicious dish - Yummy food
A mysterious story book - Feel excited.

The crack on the lips with Dry skin over
Shows the symptoms of unhappiness on Beauty
Its the lotion we apply to calm down the hatred of Winter.

Common Winter wear is encouraged
But the love on favorite  out fit is degraded
Soon the colors fades to white with Snow.

Huh.. Now who would not talk about the Nights
The breeze get more chilled with snow around
Stars in the sky twinkles to make us look shining.

A love story to watch on personal computers
Making us Feel romantic with Love we have
Leading to Imaginations or Memories rewind...!!!

Above All...
Winter is a Season with all emotions
filled to enjoy the nature to live in.

 With Love of Winter
-Pavani Meduri

***Sorry a bit late to post it in this season and writing it on different days with different moods made some breaks on the continuity or flow of the feel of WINTER.

In search of Love with Life

(***Wanted to write a post on blog since days but wasn't able to do it because i didn't find any theme to write on like my last written Telugu Love poem. So started thinking about things which i wanted to express to myself, then i started writing the lines below.***)

Its just not that I am Missing friends after college. Life to me was with loving parents, caring sister, adorable friends(Mahesh Mithun Naresh KC Nishu Jaya Gautam Appa Pizza movies Dairy Milk Silk Mr. Bunny Mr.G Mr.Facebook and the most favorite 12+ hours sleep).

I rise my voice to say "Its the Love with life am missing".

I wonder how am i being able to digest the fact that am sustaining without updating my status on Facebook at least once in a day...!!!

Sometimes i question myself where are those people in my friend's List who were fed up with my Facebook updates in the past and now there is not even a ping to me asking for my least updated profile these days.

I felt "Meh" when i missed the updates of a upcoming movie of my favorite actor. How sad that I missed the news that songs were also out in the market.

I feel annoyed for myself to look at my room which is left to its way since months and i astonish how am i still living with my dreams in it.

For those everyone who know me for my endless sleep, here i say you how my weekends are with my sleep. To me a holiday is a tight and sound sleep for 12 to 15 hours with a yummy dish for my tummy full. But i tell you, now my weekend is a two day holiday with insufficient sleep and uncertain food.

In fact the changes in life made me undergo the pain when people say "Its the money flowing in for me and what to worry for when my bank balance is increasing". And then I felt pity for myself for not being able to tell them "What is money in life when you don't have love to life".

It's a big "?" now what i am living for making days unpleasant with the sick feeling that "Life turned UPSIDE DOWN in one single step".

Here comes writer of the Life in the hope of "answer" for making time for myself. Cheers....!!!!!

నా తొలి కావ్యం...!!!

నీ పరిచయం కోసం పరితపిస్తున
నాలో అలజడిని నింపే  జ్ఞాపకాల కోసం

నా ప్రేమ అక్షరం అయితే
రాస్తాను ఓ ప్రేమ లేఖ

ప్రతి స్వప్నం నీ కలియిక కోసం
ఆకాశం లో తారల మధ్య ఊపిరి పోసుకున్న వేళ 

రాగమై నను పలుకరించే నీ పిలుపు 
అతి కమనీయం నీ సుస్వరం

వేచి ఉన్నా నీ పరిచయం కోసం 
నా చేయి పట్టి నీ ప్రపంచం చుపుతావ్ అని 

నా కష్టంలో  నుఖమై నువ్వు ఉంటావ్ అని
వేచి చూస్తునా నీ ప్రోత్సాహం కోసం

నా ఆనందం నువ్వే అని గర్వించి 
బాధను తరిమి కొట్టే బలం ఇస్తావ్ అని

ప్రాణమంత కరీదు చేసే నీ ప్రేమ కోసం
ఇది నా తొలి కావ్యం ...!!!

Prathi bandham sneham tho aarambham

క్షణం ఒక జ్ఞాపకం ఐతే
అది మరువలేని అనుబూతి 
గడిచిన కాలం విలువ ఆ జ్ఞాపకం అంత కరీదు

వేల  కట్టలేని బంధం నువ్వైతే
స్నేహం అనే పేరుతో సంకెళ్ళు వేశావ్
క్షణం నిన్ను వీడలేను అనే మాయలో
ఆనందంతో ఉప్పెనై ఎగిసిన అల నేను

వికసించే చిరునవ్వుతో పలకరించే స్నేహం
 చేరువలో నీ ఉనికిని పసికట్టే మాయాజాలం 

నేస్తమా ఇది తొలి పరువం 
నీ జతలో మనది మధురమైన జీవితం 
క్షనానికొ ఆనందం
జీవించు .... అనుభవించు .... ఆనందించు 

Reason behind the Moments we Spend

Life is not the same for everyone
It is all you who can mold it as you wish
 Either its happiness or pain, which you prioritize

The moments we spend might be the same for all
but the impression they leave on individuals makes difference
If you are not happy with what you did 
never suggest others that its a worst thing to do. 
Bcoz it might be their pleasure for some reason.
Let the life be hopeful with colors
making the minutes valuable with memories.
Cheers :)
***Decided to be Happy***