I and U

When i need u
u will always be there

When i was being hurt
u will come and erase the pain that i have

when i want to talk something
u were here to hear everything patiently

when i was in the dark
u were here as a light in my life

when no one responses to me
i found only u standing front of me

i know what u are for me
and i hope that
u too know that by the love i show

i don't wanna know what am i for u
but i need the same love u show on me till i die

i love u my dear


Karthik said...

another nice one....koool

chinni.meduri said...


yamini meduri said...

beautiful one dear...!!! but can i know whom is it written for???

hahha.....juss kidding....a cute piece of work...!!!