a miracle happened in my life i.e, friendship
it has started right from my heart

but I'm sure that i don't know how it happened
or when it has started

since then there was a vast change in my life
few of those changes are

1) i would have a smile on my face all the time to cheer up my friend

2) i would try to spend all of my time with my friend

3) i would eagerly wait for the time to share a secret with

4) i would think of my friend every time even then when im too busy at work

5) i would make my friend feel as rich as i , doesn't matter whether it is money , happiness or something else.

6) i would like to give the joy my friend gives me

7)i would like to be myself the help which my friend is in the need

8) i would walk slowly so that u can reach me

8) many as such..........

its all the miracle which brought such a big change in my life


Karthik said...

hey hhmm...nice posts.....impressed with your posts....nice work...

chinni.meduri said...