miss u


what to say u in this post .
should i say u about my tears
should i say u about my sorrowfulness.

i thought that as a friend u can understand me in any situation what ever i speak with u.
but.... things went wrong, i hurt u with my words.

i have shared everything with u .
i thought that u know everything about me
and u can understand about those words i spoke with u.

it all happened in a fraction of second.
but it's taking lots of time for me to come out of those embarrassing moments.

friends don't get tensed
I'm OK.
nothing went wrong with
all these words are from my heart to my friend when i hurt my friend.

i miss u my dear friend.
hope that all my good days will be back with u.

have FUN dear


Hemanth Potluri said...

good words :)..


chinni.meduri said...

thats gr8 to see ur comment here
anyways thanku