Try to be true...

when we are in need
we first approach our friends for help

we trust our friends
they stand on our side to help us

at times, they understand the problem
though we don't say them

they will try to solve the problem
with their special interest

this is because they
[love, care, trust,respect] you

as a friend even we must be true from our side

we must feel their love and care
make their trust live for ever
give the same respect they give you

they key point to note is

never use a friend only for help
may be friends are there for help in any time and in any case
but mind not to use them

helping is a part of friendship
but only helping is not friendship

so try to be true from your side in the relation of friendship
then you can maintain better relations with your mates

think of the law in physics
this reflects here in friendship too.

Chinni Meduri

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