Queen in my Palace...

i know im the queen in my palace 
with a crown made of diamonds
my palace is my world 

its the place where true luv has its contact address
i can see only the one i love all around 
its the palace of my heart

the rule i pass is followed
i don't have any kind of oposition 
because im the only queen

rest all world seems to be pricking 
when i come out of my palace 
but i love my palace of heart 
its the luving world of my life


Ms.Meduri said...

wonderfully written my princess.....you are a sweet heart dear and yes, you are a queen too...but to me you are always my li'l princess..!!

Love you darlin.!!

Chinni Meduri said...

glad to see ur charms here my darling

Being Pramoda... said...

Charming post with beautiful template...loved it to the core...:) u r the princess.. and enjoy being so..

Chinni Meduri said...

and my heart says thank u sisters