why did i walk all alone???

Once I was walking all alone
Thinking of someone in my world

I know it’s the pain in my heart
Made me walk all alone …

But I was still walking
I don’t know what for I was walking

And suddenly a drop of tear rolled out
The tear resembles the true pain I faced

There was no one around me to wipe out the tears
And just say a simple word that “I’m here for U “

At last I can accept that there is someone else
 Unknown and unseen

Who can understand my pain?
And wipe the tear rolled out 

It’s the rain all over me
Made my tears wiped out

Slowly heart started realising
its the pain just for a second

And I was astonished that
I can feel a smile on my face

And now I’m happy
There someone caring for me 


Being Pramoda... said...

Hi Ra,

very veryyyy cute lines and i' m so happy that u have written it so touchingly...

keep up the good work.

PS: Ive downloaded the first pic... loved it.. will use it in my blog..:) If you find time, check my blog.. tc..

Chinni Meduri said...

may be my lines are simple but i felt that they mean a lot with ur response to it


Anonymous said...

unaccidently found this blog. Love it!


Ravi :)) said...

Superrbbb!!! <3 <3

Anonymous said...

I really liked your poem... its simple and cute..

heba goda said...

very nice words that touch the heart