Someone i know....

It is a class of huge crowd 
sitting together and 
seriously listening to lectures.

where i can notice 
few pals regularly among that crowd
and feel that they are 
some where related to me or to my friends

A girl among them 
attracts everyone with her cute little smile
making fun all around.

At a corner of my heart i felt 
she might be someone whom i know 
may be directly or indirectly .

days passed....
classes are about to finish a month 

On a cool night 
returning from my class
got a chance to talk to her.

It might be a casual talk we had 
but we both were left in excitement
and still i was in the same feeling
and hope the same with her there.

The reason is we both actually know each other
indirectly in many ways
because she and i have common friends
ha ha ha...!!!

she resides nearby to my place 
Chairman's of our colleges are relatives 

 She is from my sister's college 
and she knows my sister very well 
and she likes her too.

One more way that we may be related is
my best friend's sister and cousine are her classmates 
( she is my junior  )

i know even u are surprised to know this 

We went on with a talk excited
we exchanged our numbers

But only sad thing is 
we passed 4 months without knowing each other
and we met when we are about to finish our course...

 where ever we are 
we can never forget this day of cool talk
filled with suprise

hope that we both will have
a brightful friendship....

nice meeting u dear 

dedicated to my new friend...:)


husna mahomed said...

as much as i loved this book, and although it really touched my heart and was sad...
i do not agree with peoples opinions and views on it.
islam is potrrayed in a way that is not true. just because certain people treat their women like that does not mean all do.
they are really geat women in islam.
and you even get non.muslims who treat their women badly.
this book is by no means a true reflection on islam or how muslims are.

Faizana said...

I felt that this was a really great book. It was very informative and was a real eye opener for me. It showed me the determination and strength displayed by Betty.I am a Muslim and I know that women do have rights. I felt that Islam was not portrayed in the best possible way.Just because some men do illtreat their wives and children, it does not mean that all Muslim men are like that. This is a common occurance in the world; there are so many stories that we hear about women who are abused.
This is just another case of that. It does not have anything to do with Islam and Islam does not support any of the things that he did to her. I as a female can symphatize with her but I have also learnt important lesson from the book such as not being too trusting and naive.