My society with out solution....

i wonder how people live in this society
i feel like pointing at everyone who is the reason for the cause of a bad thing

but its the same society making me remain calm
its not the age i have
nor the fame i have
which is stopping me to point them
people will start hating the person who tries to correct them or bring changes

now I'll give u all an example at my place:

>>it is just a place of 100 yards
present right at the center of all residential buildings.

>> there is one family who dump
all kinds of wastes into that open land.
papers or degradable stuff are tolerable to some extent
but what makes people living in the surrounding bother is
they throw plastic covers, beer bottles,wet garbage...

>>for the wet garbage rats dug holes there...
and damaging underground drainage system

>>generally the plots which are lower than the road's height
withstand with water in this rainy season
thus gives raise of main problem
where these mosquitoes breed..
the maggots,beetles reside there
the bad odor emitting from that place is intolerable...

>>i astonish that no one till date pointed at that family regarding this
loll how will they?
when the people responsible for this in return come out with abusing words

>>it seems that they in turn support themselves
that:::: "i did not throw this in your place ,then why is the pain for you?"

>>everyone in that lane are suffering for it
but no one come forward to tell them
it is all because of the rude behavior of those people

>>i being citizen cud not find any solution to this
but y shud i stay watching at people who all are undergoing various diseases
i cant

>>but hope some or the other day
there will be a solution for it

>>suggest any solution
thank u
yours chinni meduri


Being Pramoda... said...

No other nice way than explaining them the disadvantages of doing that.. we being social people, we have to maintain certain relations with people, not all are obviously, some home work need to be done..:)

good one chinni..hw r u? hws ur prep gng on??

take care,,

Ms.Meduri said...

hi chinni

i understood who u are talking about...!!

Having known that family from last 13 yrs. i very well know that they are not going to change...the only thing that we can do is ask the owner of the plot build atleast a small building so that place is occupied with no place to throw their garbage...!!!

but i think this is not even possible knowing that the owner of the open plot also is not ready t build anything there..!!!

the only solution is self realization..!!

di its not dat easy given the psychology of that family..!!!

Anonymous said...


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