Yappy Yappy Birthday Pavani


Day I was born
Mom had a smile of success on her face with joy
though  she underwent loads of pain

Dad had a happy moment looking at me 
though he spent time with tension

Sister was happy that she got good friend to play with
though she had to have a competition from then

I was the center or attraction with love around
though i was new to everyone

Past 23 years with these cute lovers around
never i felt regret for being born in this family



yamini meduri said...

Happy birthday darling..!!

you are never a competetion to me...only i know how sweet a sis you were....how much we shared in life.!!

and only i know how much i missed you for the last 3 years and specially after marriage...!!

thanks or being such a best sis.!!!

Nitin Reddy Katkam said...

Hare Krsna!

Birthdays are yet another time for you to think about where you stand philosophically and you build upon your experiences. You are definitely not short of philosophical thought! :-)

Pavani Meduri said...