Reading Myself

i don't know the reason why I wanted to make an attempt to read myself
am not sure whether this is an attempt to make myself know what i am today or to grade myself among all others

For a girl being brought up in the fast growing city like Hyderabad, it might be too easy to lead the life by tasting the essence of fun around. Being the younger daughter in the family, may be am pampered by everyone else in the family. Hence it might be tough for me to overcome some hard times. Everyday i lived in the past is with parents and it happens the same in the future too.

I don't know the taste of joy that comes when we go out with friends. because a movie i watched is with family, an outing made is with my family, the variety food i tasted is with family. I remember every moment of sharing a chocolate with my mom. No matter the size of the chocolate.

Will you believe that I didn't get some time to visit/see IMAX, Buddha in the Lake, Necklace Road, Inorbit, Ramoji FilmCity(ofcourse it is last of my choice), and many more on the list. I know you would shock if i say that i saw Charminar, Golconda fort, Birla Mandir, Museum at the age of 18. I think this is not fare for a girl living in hyd since day1 of life.

 Some how i got chance to visit Mout Opera, Zoo, Snow World with my brother and his family, when i felt that am a kid at the age of 20.All the celebrations i had in my life are with a family of love. Every Birthday i celebrated is with a family together making me the special girl for the day.

I never made an attempt to prefer going out with friends may be because of being lazy  or lack of having a good company. Every friend i have is treated as the most important one in my life. but some how they are not with me after the moment that i feel they are important for me.

sometimes i feel that i am a village girl who just came to city with a poor knowledge of how to live and how to make fun around. i know that you would laugh at me being a girl if i say that I hate shopping. LOLZ....But I feel that i am on cloud9 when some one says that am the best girl they have ever seen.  

 When i started to read about me, i thought that there is nothing written then what is there to read? but  am shocked to see that this is the longest post ever i made in my blog...

Thanks for someone who is reading this with patience.

Chinni Meduri


Nitin Reddy Katkam said...

Hare Krsna!

About your statement, "sometimes i feel that i am a village girl who just came to city with a poor knowledge of how to live and how to make fun around."

I think you ought to plan a trip to Mayapur during the Gaura Purnima festival (around Feb) to look at the simplicity of living. You would be on a journey of discovering how little we really need to be happy - no, we don't need televisions, radios, fans, or scooters. We don't even need kitchens. You would probably realise that all of us are from the big city and not from the village :-)

Oh, and there's a way to take that experience further with the self-sufficient community in Karomandurai near Salem in Tamil Nadu. No electricity, no commercial soaps and detergents, and closure of roads for elephant crossing.

I haven't been in India much and I haven't visited tourist destinations like Goa and the backwaters of Kerala, but I'm glad Krsna gave me the opportunity to visit the places that create philosophical thought.

Pavani Meduri said...

Its surprising that you talk about too many things...
when i first started reading your comment here, i thought that you might be having "traveling" as your hobby.
But you also say that you haven't been in India :)