With Love To - Mom and Dad

Dear parents,

writing this with loads of love and hidden tears with happiness

I don't know whether GOD exists or not because you never told me
i would like to thank him if he exists for the only reason that am given to you

you gave me everything i needed
never gave me a chance to ask you that i am in the need of something

wiped my tears when am crying for some reason
shared my laughter when am laughing with no reason

Maaa, you play with me and make me feel that am still a kid for you though am grown up
Paaapa, you guided me all the way and taught me life principles

i still remember the day am coming apart from you to hostel
though we know that I'll be at home every weekend
Maa, you became kid like me and started crying
Paaapa, you emotional but you didn't let it out to make me feel stronger
you never wanted to make your love my weakness.
Its always my strength

something i love to say you Maaa and Paapa
thanks for the way you tuned me till today
i am proud to say that i am most loved and admired by my buddies
may be all this credit is yours because u tuned me to like that

lots of kisses and trucks of love
Missing you

ur's loving daughter
Chinni Meduri