Its on my B'Day

hi friends...!

hmmm now let me take chance of sharing my birthday with u ppl

it was on 2nd October, a national holiday .
every year i do celebrate my special day at home with my parents.

celebrating in the sense just wearing a new dress , giving sweets to neighbors that's it. its was in my 10th all my friends came to our home any we enjoyed a lot .

and the next yr it was in my 1st yr i was having a special class , so i went to coll and gave sweets to all my lecturers.
and when i was in 2nd yr i cut a cake in the midnight bought by my sister.

hope u came to know how enjoy my birthday every yr.
but this yr i was not at all interested to do something on my birthday that my parents are planning to go out of station. i asked my father to go out of station the very next day.he said OK, a bit happy.

hmmm it was mid night i was being wished by my friends through a msg to my fathers mobile.
early in the morning i was busy receiving phone calls from my friends and relatives.

hmmm its around 10' o clock in the morning i wore my new dress, my parents got ready to start .
I noticed that every one is busy doing something . i was unable to know what r they doing.
and after a while i was shocked to see a cake in front of me. I'm too happy at that moment.
i cut that sweet and lovely cake , put it to my parents ,sister , friends present there.

i was also shocked to see the gifts there. they are a watch , small doll and a greeting card given by my sister. almond chocolates and temptations given by two cousins. later my mom and dad started to village.

its was in the after noon my friends came to me , and we enjoyed a lot by talking about all our memorable days .

so finally i thought that this birth day will be a dull one , but it totally changed to a memorable day .

happy a lot
thanks for all your wishes.
enjoy this cake, its for u on my birthday

thanks for reading all this
sorry if any mistakes in presenting it.

hmmm inka meet u with my next post
take care
enjoy your birthday's too


Becky said...

Happy Birthday to you! Im passing through some blogs here and found yours.Very nice blog.Have a blessed birthday!

chinni.meduri said...

thanks fr ur wishes

babita said...

many many many many many happy returns of d day....!!
n advance wish's thru out ur life.....!!
may god bless u pavs....!!
keep smiling in ur joys n sorrows...!!

yamini meduri said...

hey chinni

we wanted to see u happy and forget the feeling that mom and dad are laving us that day.....and i think we were succesful......

u forgot something dear.....wat abt the drumsticks and the famous dum biryani that night??? how can u ever forget the fun that we had while the dinner time....

i am that u r hay for that day.....

Sachin Malhotra said...

Ur blog is very nice...

Shan... with a smile said...

:-) nice one chinni.. i didn;t know abt this blog on that day.. ivale chustunna.. nice one...