Hi friends.....!

The day one of my college changed my life and my way of approaching people.
I got up early in the morning. I got ready while my sis gave me the strength to attend the first day of the college.

I, since my childhood, used to talk very less
to everyone .I was calm and less interactive to others.
But engineering was not the time to be like that. So my sister started saying that I should have to change a lot or else I can't enjoy my life.

“Talk with everyone you see. Treat everyone as your friend. It is the first day to every one of them. Never feel alone in the college. You have many friends but, this is the case only when you talk to them.” She said. Those words influenced me a lot.

I went to the college that day, I saw 2 to 3 member whom I knew since my intermediate. I went to them and everyone started talking about our EAMCET ranks. Later we all went to the classes. I found every one coming to class. I sat in the second bench as I was scared to sit in the first bench. Then a girl came to the class and sat in the first bench. I could see the fear in her face about the first day. She didn't turn back and sat there all alone.

I then remembered the words of my sister to mingle with others. So I called her, she turned back slowly. I was attracted by her cute eyes. I introduced myself saying I’m Pavani Meduri, and then she said she was Meena. This was the case with me when I met others in the class. Later after 2 days I saw a girl in my class and was shocked to see her because she is my classmate in intermediate, Anuradha (Anu), and a good friend to me. I then thought about the friend I have here which helped me realize that I am not alone in the college.

This way, my sister, helped me get good friends and today, I’m able to talk to every one in my class. All this is because of the change brought in me by my sister. I am now able to speak to everyone I meet with out any hesitation and this is all because of my sister.

But not to be the last, I don't want to say a small thanks to u my sister for letting me know the right path to enter into my most important part of my life and helping me change it to colorful life of friends. And I know that there is no place for thanks and sorry between us but:-
“Sorry to say u thanks my dear sister"

Oops…!!! Forgot to mention her name. She is Yamini Meduri

This is my first day in my college and the relation with my sister.Love u sister and love friends


gannu said...


All bout u wrote is Ur frst day to coll ....

he he he

It suits much better if u change title as I ♥ my sist instead...


ur pics r vry nice pavs

its gr8 to remember ur 1st frnd Meena ....


finally .......

its very superb PaVs
Gud Prsntn

Then when r u writing bout ur online frndzzzzzz

he he he he

pavani said...
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dilmainhainpyar said...

hello chinni
good one yaar
i feel happy for being ur sis
i never knew that my words inspired u but now i feel gr8 to know that
good going
keep writing and all da best dear
do remember my best wishes are always with u my little sister
with love and best wishes
yamini meduri

chinni.meduri said...

hey devs definite ga rasthanu kani let me take some time ok

haveasmile said...

very nice.. but as the previous comments, it is better to name it as my sister ;-p

xin_star said...

helloo!i am new for it,and i liked so much your blog...
im from Spain,so im no speak English very well,im 14 years old,and i wanna be your friend =P


babita said...

goood dat ur sis yamini supports u sooo much... though my bro also is doin his engg, he dint even temme 1 tip...n ya.. u spk nicely with evry1... nice blog...
my 1st day tho i n ma fren started our bewarse works... started roamin n all.. i wasnt scade... :)
fun re colg is... with frens like you'll...

chinni.meduri said...

hmm thanku frnds fr ur comments
and the one frm spain thanks a lot fr ur comment